Wetlands are nature’s water purifiers and personally, my absolute favourite of all greywater recycling systems. Wetlands remove nutrients and other pollutants from wastewater. When using untreated greywater for irrigation it cannot be stored for later use, whereas a constructed wetlands can be used to treat greywater which then allows it to be stored and reused for pond/pool top-up, irrigation, toilet flushing, laundry and car wash.

A few things to bear in mind with a greywater recycling wetlands:

  • Greywater contains nitrate and phosphate, which are plant nutrients and improves plant growth.
  • Avoiding toxic cleaning products, use only eco-friendly products. 
  • Wetlands can remove or render harmless some industrial pollutants, but require special design.
  • Wetlands transpire large amounts of water; water conservation at its best.
  • Wetlands create wildlife habitat whilst saving water!
  • Wetland plants love water and greywater is a way to water them!

Wetlands can be divided into two types; subsurface-flow (plants grow in gravel or soil) and surface-flow or pond system (plants float in the water). The end use will determine the type of wetlands you need. Our professional team will design a beautiful wetlands system for you, not only saving water and reusing water, but also adding value and constant greenery to your garden.