Storing and Filtering of water:

Harvested water; from roofs (rainwater), from ground surfaces (storm/runoff water), from boreholes/groundwater and recycled water (grey water and black water) needs to be stored and make available when needed at a later stage.

Water tanks:

The most common water storage device is a water storage tank. There is a wide variety of above ground water tanks and JoJo tanks manufacture an underground water tank. The most common reaction to those is usually "Water tanks are ugly". Please rest assured there are many different types of water tanks on the market; from rectangular flushed against the wall, square, galvanized steel to your more common plastic round vertical tanks. Our professional team will assist you and install the best quality, aesthetically pleasing water storage tank. Also remember our installations don't force you to install a water tank right next to the house. Your tank (s) can be installed at the bottom of the garden, in a corner hidden behind trees or in the upper section of the garden, wherever, it is immaterial to us. We can harvest any water from anywhere and store it anywhere for later use and if space is an issue we install your tank (s) underground. It is really that simple.


People are often left with a swimming pool that becomes an eyesore and water guzzler when the kids left home. These old swimming pools can be turned into wonderful underground water reservoirs, storing either harvested rain or storm water. If you are serious about saving water, we will help you find a way to store your water without it being an 'eyesore'.

New-builds are easier; your architect can incorporate an underground reservoir for you at design stage. All these different options of storing harvested or recycled water make it possible for anyone to conserve water.

Water Filtration:

There is no 'standard' filtration for all the different systems we install, there are only certain guidelines and regulations across the border.

It always depends on the end use. Our desire and speciality is to conserve water which also means wasting as little water as possible during the filtration/treatment process. If you want potable water, we will provide you with potable water, unless of course your underground water (borehole) is too contaminated for whatever reasons. We do offer a service to have your water samples collected and tested (chemical and bacterial). The appropriate filtration system will then be designed based on the water analysis report. Being in control of your own water quality is indeed a bonus and adds peace of mind.