Rainwater Harvesting for Pool Top-up:

Filling a swimming pool or spa with filtered, clean rainwater, either directly from your roof/gutter or from rainwater tanks saves money and eases the pressure on our already burdened water resources. Harvesting rainwater from roofs constructed of hazardous materials (such as lead or preservative-treated timber) or located in heavily polluted areas (pollution from vehicles or airplanes and industrial areas) may contaminate rainwater and will need additional filtering.

In South Africa, high summer temperatures are mostly to blame for evaporation. The more your pool is exposed to the sun the more evaporation you’ll see. A covered pool or a pool surrounded by trees will evaporate less than an unscreened / open sky pool. An average size swimming pool can lose up to 5 000L of water through evaporation per month. Rainwater harvesting for pool top-up is the smart thing to do.