Most of us know that being around water makes us calmer and more creative, but not all of us are fortunate enough to live near the ocean or a lake though. Being able to have a pond at home or at the office, in an urban environment, adds to one's overall wellbeing; this has been proven scientifically. Yet we live in a water stressed country. Thus it is important to install a pond that recycles it's water and reduces the overall water demand. Our professional team can assist with that and you too can enjoy a pond that attracts wildlife such as birds, insects and amphibians. 

The type of life in a pond is generally determined by the water level and nutrient levels. Plants and fish depend on a sufficient water flow to live and reproduce. The lack of adequate flow can cause deterioration of water quality and ecosystem health. By reusing water; a combination of recycled grey water, rainwater harvesting and pond backwashed recycling, you can supplement the demand.

Wetlands (greywater recycling, stormwater harvesting and/or surface run-off) provide many benefits including wildlife, improving water quality, reducing floods and providing breeding grounds for fish.  Existing streams water flow can also be augmented with recycled water to sustain and improve the aquatic and wildlife habitat.

Also remember, when reusing water you not only save water, but also energy. Conservation and aesthetics can go hand in hand.