Rainwater Harvesting for Toilet Flushing:

Flush rainwater than the loo, not money! By using a rainwater harvesting system you reduce your water bill and conserve water at the same time. The practice of rainwater harvesting is becoming more prevalent as water costs rise and fresh water resources become more scarce, whether due to drought, climate change, pollution or a failing infrastructure. Companies and home owners are turning to rainwater harvesting systems in order to supplement the water needs of their facilities.

Harvested rainwater can be used for any and all water needs and is very popular for toilet flushing in the home / commercial / ablution facilities. The end use of rainwater determines how much filtration is required. Our specialized team will ensure your cistern(s) is protected by filtering the water accordingly and install as per the Council's requirements. Living in a country with interrupted water supply and water restrictions it is vital to use rainwater as an alternative supply of water. 

Stormwater Harvesting for Toilet Flushing:

Toilet flushing has a relatively constant demand throughout the year and accounts for approx. 15% of internal household water use. Stormwater is a great alternative supply of water for this application. To use clean drinking water to flush toilets is completely unnecessary and irresponsible.

Our team will ensure you have an aesthetically pleasing installation that will help you save water and money whilst reducing any flooding issues. The water will be filtered appropriately to protect all types of cisterns.