Tuesday 20 November 2018


JOHANNESBURG - The Environmental Affairs Department says an inter-governmental approach is needed to deal with the contamination of the Vaal River.

The department's statement comes in the wake of the second leg of a South African Human Rights Commission inquiry into allegations that raw sewage is spilling into the river.

The probe began in September after a site inspection found widespread contamination.

It's believed about 150-megalitres of waste is pouring into the river on a daily basis.

At least 3-million people depend on the Vaal river for water.

For a long time, Midvaal and Emfuleni municipality residents have been complaining about sewage flowing into their streets and homes.


Come on guys! "allegations"? It is as clear as daylight..... and according to the government, 6 August 2018, "the Polluted Vaal River Water should be avoided"! Three Million people depend on this river! That's a lot of people!! With all the "allegations" against so many municipalities one cannot help, but to be concerned, very concerned. The quality of our drinking water is not what it used to be. Don't wait for the final whistle to blow or until you've consumed some of this water, because you will get sick. Treat your water in your home, make sure it's completely filtered and purified. Harvest your own rainwater, recycle your grey and black water. The municipalities are not coping with the load that needs treatment - that is evident. Reduce your load by recycling it and save some money and water at the same time. Rather use your harvested rainwater instead of municipal water. Nothing wrong by being prepared, nothing wrong with saving money and water either.

Erika Theron