Greywater Recycling for Toilet Flushing:

It is completely unnecessary to use clean drinking water for toilet flushing. Recycled greywater is a perfect alternative for this purpose. Greywater from showers, baths, hand wash basins and clothes washing machine can be reused instead of just being sent to the drain.

Such a system could save approx. 30% of water in an average household. We have a few different recycling options for toilet flushing, preferably treating the water so it can be stored for a certain period, but in certain dwellings where potable water is not required it can be reused without treatment. 

It is also great to combine greywater recycling with rainwater which is already fairly clean to begin with and/or has not been polluted with non-degradable chemicals such as non-natural soaps. It is not recommended to use water that has been in the greywater filtration system for more than 24 hours or bacteria builds up, affecting the water that is being reused, unless treated extensively. We have installed many different greywater recycling systems and are sure to design and install a system that suits your need and budget.