Rainwater Harvesting for Laundry:

Whether your goal is to save money or the environment, to waste water for laundry is unnecessary. Washing machines are one of the largest consumers of water in the home. An average family of four can save more than 20kl of clean drinking water a year by using rainwater instead of municipal water. Most people detest wasting anything, especially water in an already water stressed country. Rainwater harvesting for laundry not only saves water, but also money. Rainwater contains no limescale-causing minerals compared with tap water; you will therefore also need less detergents.  Our skilled team will determine the storage capacity, based on the roof area than can be used for harvesting, vs your consumption to ensure an aesthetically pleasing installation. We will also ensure that the harvested rainwater is filtered accordingly, preventing damage to either your washing machine or clothes. We can also add to/upgrade this installation and work towards a complete rainwater harvesting off-grid system.