Rainwater Harvesting for Car Wash/Wash Bays:

Most garages and/or auto repair companies will treat the client to a washed clean car upon collection. Washing any automobile/airplane/truck requires a lot of water. Our company specializes in water conservation and rainwater harvesting is indeed one of the most common alternative supplies of water. Rainwater Harvesting comes in all shapes and sizes, from simple catchment systems to large above and/or underground systems, especially when space is a concern. Filtration can be simple or complex and thousands of litres of water can be stored and used instead of municipal water. Rainwater harvesting at any wash bay lessens the burden on our water resource, especially when combined with our recycled grey water system for wash bays. Not only will you lessen your municipal demand, you will save money and ensure water even during a water outage or over a water restricted period. Saving water isn't an option anymore, it is our duty as human beings to ensure a future with water.