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Glenda and Miles
2018-09-10, 16:27
thanks to Erika and Elmar and the team. Always a pleasure to deal with.
2018-08-26, 14:07
Extremely professional, dedicated and always striving to find the best suitable solutions. I will use them again for the next phaze and would not consider any other providers.
Tracy Jolly
2018-08-22, 20:32
Always friendly and efficient. Go the extra mile.
Joey Coetzee
2018-08-22, 16:41
Professional, friendly and neat work. Keep to schedules, hard working and honest. Many visitors at my premises were highly impressed with the full system and always room to expand catch-up even if one start smaller due to budget. Plenty of times had water when our old neighbourhood pipes are having multiple bursts which took hours to days to repair. Worth every cent.
2018-08-22, 15:54
Beste raad beste diens. Ons is meer as tevrede
2018-08-22, 10:37
Absolutely brilliant advice, service and support! I have recommended the team to many of my friends and we are using the team again for multiple solutions at a new property.


Pride is in general a word one should guard against, yet we are proud of the fact that not only do we conserve water, but we are also well known around Gauteng, the North West and even as far as Mpumalanga for our ability to install various types of water conservation systems. From commercial to residential, both aesthetics and financial; we will ensure that you save water and money and it will be aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you agree with climate change / global warming / whatever you want to name it, or not, is immaterial to us. The world is facing a water crisis, that is a fact. We have all followed the water woes in the Cape; from almost running out of water to flooding. Extreme rainfall and drought will be experienced more and more often, even if global climate targets are met; it is just another fact.

Saving water, working towards a sustainable future with enough water, is our goal. It doesn't matter to us whether we install one small little tank at a Retirement Estate or an entire tank farm taking a commercial property off the grid. Every drop matters and we will assist anyone that wants to save water.

Proudly conserving water...



Erika Theron

084 586 6658


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Greywater Recycling for Irrigation:

Greywater makes up about 65% of the total wastewater produced by an average household and is an excellent alternative source of water for irrigation. Greywater should be applied below the surface where possible e.g. subsurface or surface drip irrigation (on top of the soil, under mulch or in mulch-filled trenches) and not sprayed, as there is a danger of inhaling the water as an aerosol. All our installations are designed by our expert team, ensuring you of a quality and aesthetically pleasing installation.

With any greywater system, it is important to try and use eco-friendly detergents as far as possible. Most of these are easily available, if not, we can supply these with all installations.