Date: 21/08/2018 Author: Erika

Every day when I fetch my daughter from school I drive past this house where the road is being irrigated almost as much as the lawn. One day I decided to stop and I explained water conservation in detail to the gardener. He looked at me as if to say "yes, and.....?" He also replied "No, this is borehole water". I then explained (very nicely at this stage still) over extraction of groundwater to him as well. He laughed and said "ok", walked away and that was it. Since then I've hooted, reminded him, smiled at him, gave him the angry look and ..... I also asked him to move the sprinkler a little closer to the house so he doesn't waste so much water, needless to say it's also damaging the road. I've been nice, I've begged, I've been rude. Now they just avoid me and the road is still being watered on a daily basis.


The ignorance around borehole water or water in general is scary. Please please enlighten your gardener. A tap doesn't have to be open to it's full capacity; half the water ends up being blown away or in this specific case, in the street. It's so unnecessary. Please. If we continue like this we will not have enough water to quench our thirst, never mind our ignorance.